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Exchange 2010 Hosting

Our Enterprise Grade Exchange Hosting comes in two flavors:

Shared HMC Environment: with expandable mailbox quotas, SPAM filtering and full service support. The solution is extremely reliable and utilizes high availability SAN systems for email storage with fast 15k RPM SAS hard disks. We also provide SPAM filtering with Edge transport and the solution is built across multiple datacenters to ensure the highest reliability available.

Dedicate Server Environment: with enhanced performances for offices of 50 or more who require message journaling for record compliance or extreme special needs cases which can't be overcome in a shared environment. This solution is typically less cost effective than a shared solution but turnkey solutions are available for all roles of the Exchange environment including Clustered Storage Servers, Multiple Hub Transport Servers, Edge Transport Server, etc.

Zuit will work with your company to find the most efficient solution for your mission critical business needs. Exchange Migrations are offered by our Exchange Migration Consultants who will assist in a transition from another hosted provider or current dedicated servers. Please visit our Migration Services section for more information.

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